Calculate your cat's calorie needs first
First, calculate the "resting calorie RER" based on the cat's weight (kg)
RER=(30*weight in kilograms)+70
Take RER*0.8 to 1.8 (select the appropriate number according to the following DER factor table) as the cat’s daily calorie requirement, that is, DER
DER=RER*0.8 to RER*1.8
*Ligated into a cat=1.2~1.4*RER
*Unligated adult cat=1.4~1.6*RER
*Inactive/prone to obesity=1.0*RER (calculated based on ideal body weight)
* Obese adult cat = 0.8 * RER (calculated based on ideal body weight)
*Too thin adult cat=1.2~1.8*RER (calculated based on ideal body weight)
*Middle-aged adult cat (7~11 years old)=1.1~1.4*RER
*Mature adult cat (over 11 years old)=1.1~1.6*RER


Calculate the amount of food you need for the day
Find out the food that the cat is eating at hand, and look for the kcal/can in the ingredient label.
Take the chicken soup cat pot as an example, there is a Calorie Content in the lower left corner
It is marked on it: 1347kcal/kg, 210kcal/can, one can is 156g.
The unit heat is 210kcal/156g=1.34615kcal/g
Assuming that the cat is 4kg and has been tied into a cat, first follow steps 1 and 2 to calculate the daily calorie requirement of 228~266kcal
If you only eat a can of chicken soup for young cats every day:
228kcal/1.34615kcal=169.372g 266kcal/1.34615kcal=197.6g
It means that cats need to eat 169.372~197.6g of chicken soup staple food cans for young female cats a day.


Figure out the total amount of water you need for the day
Cats need to consume 50-70cc/kg of water a day.
The water content of dry feed is about 10%, while the water volume of staple food tanks is about 70% to 80% on average.
Assuming a cat weighs four kilograms, that is, it needs 200~280cc of water a day.


Calculate the amount of water that needs to be supplemented in addition to deducting food
If you eat 180g of chicken soup cans for young cats every day,
Based on the water content of 70%, the water in the food is 180g*70%=126cc
Based on the minimum standard of 50cc, 200cc of water is needed a day, and after deducting the 126cc contained in the food, there is still a difference of 74cc
200cc-126cc=74cc This "74cc" is the part that must be supplemented in addition to food.


After calculating the amount of food and water you need every day, distribute them equally to each meal
If three meals a day:
Every staple food is 180g chicken soup kitten can/3=60g
The water that needs to be replenished for each meal is 74cc/3≒25cc
Therefore, the four males have been tied into a cat, three meals a day,
And the serving size of a meal is 60g chicken soup staple food can + 25cc water.



**The above calorie calculation method is taken from the book Su Jingjing-Cats Eat This Way is the Healthiest**